Bored with learning the ABC's?

Have fun learning with Cleverchick by using the Clever Qwerty-bet!

The Cleverchick Qwerty-bet card developed by Justine Driver of Cleverchick is a multi-use alphabet card to assist in learning the alphabet and the location of letters on the universal keyboard.  The most popular resources however are the alphabet card, frieze, melody & rap because driven by traditional pedagogies we are trained to teach the alphabet in alphabetical order. There's nothing wrong with that, but have you considered why we do it in this way?

The philosophy behind developing the Qwerty-bet is simple - Who said you have to learn the alphabet in the standard alphabetical order? Why not learn it in a purposeful context that can help children when they are confronted with a universal keyboard when using a computer or device.  By seeing, reciting, singing and learning the alphabet presented in the Qwerty-bet formation a child will soon remember the location of the letters on the universal keyboard and realise that Q will always be a the top left, H in the middle, P on the top right etc.  The more children see, recite, sing and practice moving the appropriate fingers related to the letter keys then the quicker they will be able to locate keys on the universal keyboard and transfer their knowledge to a real life use.

All Cleverchick resources are available for download through my Teacher's Pay Teachers website.

Products available in packs:

  • Qwerty-bet Card
  • Qwerty-bet Movie & Audio (Melody & Rap)
  • Alphabet Card
  • Alphabet Frieze
  • Alphabet Movie & Audio (Melody & Rap)
  • Word Ending Caterpillar

Suggested use:

  • Print out and laminate an A3 copy for teacher modelling, demonstration of shared and guided writing lessons in front of the class.  Print and laminate individual A4 copies for table cards to help emergent writers identify sounds and record these in written form at their table.
  • Daily motivation by singing the Melody or Rap version of either card for automaticity and recognition of hearing sounds and letter names. There is a movie version of the alphabet to play through projection.
Cleverchick Logo
  • Nothing says growth like a wee spring chicken hatching out of it's egg and ready for the world! The chicken symbolises the innocence of childhood, new growth and learning that the child will go through learning their alphabet letter names and sounds.
  • The tick on the end of the Cleverchick logo is to represent that by using the Cleverchick Qwerty-bet or Alphabet a child will quickly have success at learning their alphabet letter names and sounds.

About the "clever chick" Justine Driver

Justine has been in the primary education sector for the last 20 years.  She spent most of her teaching time as a junior school teacher with a passion for literacy, visual art and learning with digital technologies.  Justine is currently a practising educational leader at an urban primary school.  The idea for Cleverchick Qwerty-bet was developed ten years ago in 2004, however at this time her passion was in the class, more so than getting the product out in the market place.  These resources have been used exclusively at three Auckland primary schools with huge success.  Children, along with teachers and parents, enjoy singing along to the melody or rap versions of the alphabet.  These catchy tunes engage the students to learn quickly the letter names and sounds.  2015 brings new opportunities now with increased potential to market and sell resources digitally so she has finally decided to share her clever idea with the world.