Qwerty-bet Resource Pack

  1. Qwerty-bet card side 1 .pdf
  2. Qwerty-bet card side 2 .pdf
  3. Qwerty-bet Sing-a-long Movies - Melody & Rap
  4. Qwerty-bet Audio only - Melody & Rap

  • The Qwerty-bet is presented in a proportionally correct universal keyboard size.
  • The same easily identifiable, clean-cut graphics are used for the children to identify the letters of the alphabet and location of keys.
  • Colour coded left and right hand to show children which hands/fingers are used for typing keys.
  • Children of all ages can use this side to practice typing words located in the box. These key words are presented in alphabetical order.

Sample Qwerty-bet Melody.wmv


sample Qwerty Rap.wmv

How to use the Qwerty-bet Card on a daily basis:

  • The A3 Teacher Card is the first starting point.  Start with side one to introduce the alphabet presented in this clever, innovated Qwerty-bet formation to the class.  

  • Sing the Qwerty-bet song (or rap) and point to the keys/letters whilst singing. Children can hold up each hand and wiggle the finger that associates with the correlated typing key. As an extension children can sit with the A4 Qwerty-bet card in front of them and using the proportionally correct side, actually place their hands on the Qwerty-bet card and move the correct fingers whilst singing to simualte actual typing.

  • Children will learn the alphabet more securely because they actually have to think which letter is being presented/pointed to rather than just the usual rote a,b,c,d song to the tune of twinkle-twinkle little star.

  • The Qwerty-bet song and graphics for each letter have been carefully chosen to promote phonemic awareness of each letter sound. However please note that the graphic ice-cream does not – this is a good teaching point to discuss with the children that the sound is different to the picture. Likewise with the graphic of a box for x, this was chosen to promote the sound of x.

  • As the teacher models story writing to the class on whiteboard or chart refer to the Qwerty-bet card for letter sounds at beginning/mid/end of words. Teacher can ask children what they can hear when they slowly articulate words, what letter does that start with? Does it start like butterfly? Which letter will we write? What else can we hear? Etc.

  • Teacher can use the basic word boxes at the bottom to get children to locate high frequency 2, 3 or 4 letter basic words.  An important teaching point here is that the words are arranged in alphabetical order going down the column like a dictionary.

  • Teacher can prompt children “Can you find went? It’s in the yellow box” or “Can you find big? It’s a 3 letter word”

  • It is vital to use the A3 Teacher Card on a regular basis for shared and guided writing to build familiarity and to promote correct use of the A4 Children Card for successful independent writing experiences.